Apologies are in order

Apologies are in order. We are cooking up a pot full of crow for people to eat.

We pray that all of the accusation, insinuation, and conceit that we have had to endure over the past two years is finally over. Everything that we have been led to believe is false. What we do know:

1) There was no collusion between Trump and the Russians.

2) Clinton illegally used an email server to try to avoid federal oversight of the Clinton Foundation, which was making her rich at the expense of the American people.

3) Clinton and her campaign invented a series of false scandals called the “dossier”, implicating Donald Trump.

4) Washington insiders including John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey covered up for Hillary Clinton and attempted to use the above “dossier” to remove a sitting president from power. This constitutes an attempted coup. And to note more recent garbage in the news, John McCain was in on this as well.

5) The only “collusion” was between the Washington insiders and the Clintons to cover up their crimes and try to pull one over on the public.

So it is now time for the people to reclaim their country from the media and the Washington elite that have taken control of their lives.

Stop illegal immigration.

As a small ‘l’ libertarian or “classical liberal”, I am all for open borders. But only when there is fair play among countries can this occur. As things stand now, our open borders policy is killing us. We cannot be the life support for the rest of the planet. Only once wages are reasonable, workplace standards are up to par, and expectations of the contribution of each individual are delineated, may a country expect to have an open border with us.

Stop “free” trade.

As a libertarian I believe that there should be no barriers to trade. But I also know that different countries and peoples hold different values from Americans. It is not a fair system to drop trade barriers in order to exploit a worker in China. Sure, it may improve their standard of life, but only as judged against the American way of living. It is not up to us to fix the entire world. It is not up to us to solve the problems of China and India. Do not listen to the “globalists”. We have enough problems here at home to solve before we try to solve the problems of other countries.

We need to suck it up and accept that not everything in life comes cheaply. We need to work to create the things that we want in our lives. What free trade has done is to undermine the fair worker policies that we have established over the past one hundred years. All of the laws for the safety and the minimum wage of the worker that we have established are thrown into the trash by allowing free trade with countries who do not share our values. What is more important to you: a bigger TV, or a decent life for your countrymen?

Stop interventionist wars.

We need to stop trying to be everyone else’s policeman. Stop trying to change the policies of countries halfway around the world. Yes, we should be a beacon, a shining light to the rest of the world. That does not mean that we need to go mess in others affairs.

If we can do these things, we may be able to restore what this country was built upon.