On snowflakes:

A problem in our society is that while people are sensitive, they are not allowed to admit that they are sensitive for fear of being called “weak”. People have feelings. Feelings get hurt. People feel embarrassed: Sometimes there is a good reason for the embarrassment, and sometimes not.

Each individual needs to decide how much of their private life they want to expose to others. Some people are ‘open books’ while others are very hard to get to know.

The ‘rugged individualist‘ archetype is a helpful example for how people should live their lives. This is the hard working person who just wants to go about their business and not be bothered. You can attack that person and put hardship on that person, and they will just continue to bear it out – to a point. And when that point comes, and the person makes a stand, you had better watch out. This has been the foundation of many books and movies, but more deeply this embodies the American spirit.

This rugged individual is not racist, nor misogynist. This rugged individual appreciates all people for who they are. This rugged individual speaks the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. And to those who say that speaking a hurtful truth is ‘insensitive’ – they are the ‘snowflakes‘.

I say to all snowflakes: Get over yourself. Yes, you are a human being and I will treat you politely, but if I step on your toes accidentally while trying to do something, don’t start calling me names like ‘racist’.

A major problem with our society is that we have become fat and happy. Way too many people live too far away from the harsh realities of life and death. For example, if I ask: Where does your food come from? If you say the grocery store, you are a step away from reality.

If society were to break down completely tomorrow and you could not get water from the tap, food from the store, or electricity from the substation, what would you do? What is important at that stage? People have forgotten what true need is like. People have forgotten what war is like. Life and death, hanging by a thread. People being shot for no reason.

Be grateful for what you have. We have things in abundance in our society. We should stop bickering and get along.