A Change Is Gonna Come

keep-calm-and-join-the-revolution-8We are in the middle of a revolution, and some people are only starting to become aware of it. I am not sure exactly how long it has been going on but the most obvious changes started occurring after 9/11. There has been a subtle but real change in the perception of our institutions – governmental, financial, educational, and now in medicine.

There has been a cheapening of the value of our institutions, and it comes from within. Throughout these systems employees and civil servants have stopped taking their roles as seriously as in years past. The primary motivation has shifted from doing a good job to ‘whats in it for me?’. It has affected our politicians, our police, our teachers, our bankers, and our doctors.

We have allowed our institutions to run out of control, and now, due to sheer momentum, we cannot stop them as they barrel ahead and destroy our society. This is not falling along traditional left-right lines – while the roots go long back it came to life with George Bush’s ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ and took shape under the guise of anti-terror activities with the Patriot Act. This sickness has now run rampant under Obama’s non-leadership and inaction from the Department of Justice.

What am I talking about? I will give you a few examples for starters, but if you look around you will find many more. Our civilization has passed its freshness date and is rotting before us. Anyone who wants to know why Donald Trump is the Republican nominee should read on. The same phenomenon is happening in Europe but with a different flavor, and the Brexit vote is the proof of the pudding.


Click on image for full details. Source: http://www.dailyinfographic.com/student-loan-debt-americas-next-bubble-to-burst

The most obvious problem is in the college system, which has become an absurdity, although it has started trickling through elementary and high school education as well. Students used to live in modest accommodations and be happy about it. Professors ran the colleges and a few administrators were around to help sort out the details of payment, scheduling, housing and other such things that supported the primary goal of the college which was education.

But over the past thirty years or so things have changed a lot. A few administrators hired a few more administrators and the bureaucracy has built itself into a monstrosity along the way. Now college dorms model four star hotels with all the amenities included, and administrators outnumber professors. The Waldorf-Astoria is being made into condos, but they will have to compete with the new dorm at Columbia, which will be bought by a Saudi prince. The old phys-ed building has become a glittering ‘recreational facility’ complete with indoor running tracks, pools, hot tubs, and day spas. Colleges offer ‘extended learning’ courses which are essentially business workshops, all with the goal of bringing more money to the institution. I wonder if I should go through the local university concierge to score front row seats to see Ariana Grande? Tuition has gone through the roof and is beyond the ability of the vast majority of people to pay – but that is not a problem because the government will happily give students loans to help the money rain, through a thoroughly corrupt student loan system run by the ‘representatives’ who set it all up. At the end of the day when the loans go into default, who will end up paying for it all? The American taxpayer.

And we haven’t even gotten into what is being taught at these ‘schools’ today. Garbage non-sciences (social science is an oxymoron) like gender studies, African-American studies, and purple-New-Guinean-ethno-cocksucking-studies are treated as real majors instead of being recognized as grievance politics. Anyone outside the progressive narrative is derided and outcast. Instead of real debate we have ‘safe spaces’. I want to know when the book burnings begin, or in this modern age will it be an NSA led mass deletion of PDFs?

And nobody cares. The professors don’t care because they are too busy trying to keep their jobs, and they mostly agree with the leftist agenda. The administrators don’t care because they don’t even see a problem. And the regulators don’t care because they are getting rich off it all.

Police/Law Enforcement:
downloadLocal law enforcement has gone from protecting and serving to taking a slice of the pie. Federal grants have allowed even small towns to develop SWAT teams which go on drug raids killing ninety-year-old grandmas. Why the hell does East Podunkville, Alabama need an armored personnel carrier? The police seize money and cars under the ‘suspicion’ of illegal activity and it all goes into their own coffers. Try to get it back and it’ll cost you ten times more than it is worth in lawyer’s fees. Prosecutors try to make a name for themselves by being ‘tough on crime’ and end up labelling teenage hookups as ‘sex-offences’ which carry lifelong consequences. The ‘War on Drugs’ is a failed forty year experiment that has made felons of the majority of the young black population that hasn’t been killed in the firefight, and has created an epidemic of prescription opiate addiction.

And nobody cares. The police don’t care because they are having fun ‘playing army’ in their SWAT gear, and the money from the raids is too good. The judges and prosecutors don’t care because if it is their kid who gets picked up, a few handshakes and winks and nods over coffee will make sure the case gets dropped. And even the liberal politicians don’t care because they get their grievance politics: Black Lives Matter.


Do you need a loan? You can’t have one. Oh, you have plenty of money? Then here is some more…and why don’t I give you a special deal on it, too? Just make sure you short XYZ Pharmaceutical because my friend on the inside says that the FDA is going to block them from selling their direct-to-consumer blockbuster drug next month because the Phase III studies were faked.

source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-30/here-we-go-again-wells-fargo-trying-give-mortgages-low-income-debt-heavy-millennials

Actually, I lied, I will give you a loan. A great big one. I know you won’t ever be able to pay this back, given your salary, but I get a big commission off this, and if I can finalize twenty more this month I’ll get a bonus to help pay off my boat. Gotta keep my buddy in construction busy, too. Where is your McMansion? East Podunkville? That’s OK because the governor is getting a kickback for approving a new eighteen lane highway out that way. He told me that directly from his office over the phone while he was getting his Johnson serviced by his secretary. Her cousin made a fortune from the illegal casino he was running to help pay for the campaign expenses.

And nobody cares. Nobody cares because I’ve got mine – don’t you have yours?



The hospital just built a new wing where the patient suites have hardwood floors, microwaves, and wide screen TVs. The contractor who built it had a delay because he got tied up installing gold faucets into the Columbia dorm room for a Saudi prince. The hospitals are now run by administrators whose main task is to protect the system from liability. Doctors have been turned into data entry clerks to ensure that the hospital gets paid appropriately by the government and ‘insurance’ companies. That twenty-year-old computer on the ward is good enough to put data into the forms because the administration has put blocking software on it to make sure that you can’t get to Google or some other nefarious unsafe site on the interwebs. Outdated technology is OK because…HIPPA, even though nobody has actually read the law. And by the way, doctor, you are out of compliance because you haven’t paid your annual maintenance of certification fees. Here is your pile of mail for the day which includes twenty offers for ‘educational programs’ to help you get your MOC compliance points, and if you’ll just send your specialty society $2500 we’ll even give you a FREE iPad to review the material on. But make sure you are up to date on your dues, because the rates are higher for non-members.

And nobody cares. Well actually some people care. And that is why we are about to undergo a revolution. Will it be bloody or messy? I hope not. But Baby, pack your clothes with mine

I feel a change comin’ on…


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