More whistling past the graveyard

There has been a lot of discussion recently about what the ultimate end point of Western civilization could be. Where are we headed and what are the forces driving us there? Clearly there has been a movement that has changed our country significantly over the past generation. This movement, or more properly identified as a mindset or an ideology, has taken over the Washington elite and has driven a stake through the heart of the Republican party.

What is it exactly that I am talking about? Part of the difficulty in discussing this ideology is that it is nebulous and insidious. It is defined more by what it isn’t than what it is. It is post-everything: post-racist, post-feminist, post-gender, post-religion. It preys on our good instincts and uses our past sins to prevent us from opposing it. Call it the postmodern amalgamation.

It is political correctness run amok. It is in the “safe spaces” where free speech is stifled in deference to tender sensibilities. It is the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education direction to campuses to assume that we live in a “rape culture”, subverting due process for the purpose of undercutting men’s rights. All of this in an attempt to do what? Make us all equal? So we are to be mixed and conjoined and transgendered into some transnational androgynous beige human being.

I’ll address the gender problem first, because it is the lesser of the problems. That is not to say that it is easy to solve, because it probably will never be solved. The bottom line is that men and women are different, but also sexuality exists on a spectrum. For those in the middle of the spectrum life can be very difficult, and I believe that we should be loving and accepting of all of our fellow human beings. I don’t care what bathroom anybody chooses to use. We should also recognize and celebrate the differences between men and women. While making life okay for the people in the middle of the spectrum, you don’t need to ostracize the people who are all-boy or all-girl.

Just as gender identity is a spectrum, gender attraction is a spectrum as well. I don’t care to whom you are attracted or to whom you want to be married, just don’t push it in my face. If more people would just mind their own business and not try telling other people how to live, we would all be better off.

As to campus rape culture: I want all victims to be heard. No one should ever be forced to have sex against their will. But all of these drunken party situations with flirtation and innuendo – give me a break. Have you ever heard the saying ‘if you play with fire you are going to get burned?’ These boyfriend-girlfriend breakup dramas and ‘we had oral sex but I didn’t want to go all the way’ mistakes are just part of life. Time to take personal responsibility. If you are drunk and stoned and in bed with someone, you have no one to blame but yourself if you end up getting fucked. These are what used to be called life lessons. But if someone drugged you or physically overpowered you, we call that ‘rape’ and there are laws for that.

But getting back to the bigger question of where this postmodern amalgamation will take us, we have to consider the survival of our Western culture. The attempts to make everybody equal are doomed to fail. Imagine a society where everybody is the same. Everyone has the same stuff and wears the same clothes. Everyone drives the same car and listens to the same music. What an incredibly boring place – a Ballardian nightmare! This would probably be where our society would be heading except that we also experiencing a clash of civilizations.

Homogenization is only possible to the extent that the parts are willing to be homogenized. For the past century, at least in the West, this has been able to happen because of a shared Judeo-Christian culture. We have, for the most part, shared an ethos of acceptance, openness, and ability to work with others. We pray for the unbelievers.

But now we have some very different civilizations threatening our way of life.

Islam is very different in that unbelievers are not to be prayed for, they are to be subjugated, converted, or killed. I am not saying that your modern moderate Muslim neighbor wants to kill you, but I am saying that when it comes down to it, they are at best indifferent to you. Deep down in places many Muslims don’t want to go in their day-to-day thinking, Westerners: Christians, Jews, secularists, are just not important. They are people to be dismissed, or depending on your strain of Islam, reviled and destroyed. This is what their ‘religion’ teaches. An impartial observer would define Islam as a cult rather than a religion, but due to political correctness we are not allowed to say this. The believers of Islam are told that they are the chosen ones, and that they are better than unbelievers. Their holy books spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the problems of the unbelievers.

Islamists don’t do political correctness. The societies of most Muslim countries are deeply misogynistic, homophobic, and racist. But they have a big advantage over our supposedly more advanced Western culture. By recognizing and acknowledging the differences between people in their societies – men and women, strong and weak, smart and dumb, left or right brained – they can take advantage of their strengths. And unless we are willing to face up to reality, Islam could take over the world.

Then we have the Chinese, who are reclaiming islands in the South China Sea and building air force bases on them with impunity. Apparently Obama doesn’t think this is a big deal. But suppose that the Chinese decide to stop subsidizing our socialist spending, and then cut off shipping through the South China Sea? Are we going to have the capacity, or more importantly the will to do anything about it? The only reason they have not done so to date is that their own economy is so dependent on ours, but the more we hand over our intellectual property to them and allow them to build factories, the more self-sustaining they will get, and eventually they will not need us anymore. Meanwhile the globalists have been happy to see our own manufacturing base get regulated right out of our country.

We in the West, in an effort to achieve an impossible equality amongst everyone, have become overly taxed, overly regulated, overly governed, overly coddled. We have undercut the best and padded everyone out of personal responsibility. Even our warning labels need warning labels. The cradle-to-grave safety nets are suffocating our humanity.

My point is that while our enemies build ¸we sit by and deliberately weaken ourselves through some misguided progressive utopian fantasy. This will not end well for us. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but probably during our kids or grandkids lives.

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