That was easy…

I sent an email…

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently paid my dues for 2017 but on reflection I would actually like for you to refund my dues. I no longer wish to be associated with an organization that repeatedly undermines its members interests in order to enrich itself. The horrible way in which you have handled the MOC issue only reveals you to be part of the corruption. I hope that with our new president the Attorney General will investigate the ABMS, the ABIM, and the ACC and tear you all apart. Many of you need to go to jail.

Please issue my refund for my 2017 dues of $935. If you refuse to do so, I will get claim fraud with MasterCard. I will then file suit against the ACC for fraud.

Thank you


and it was granted…

Good morning, As requested, we have issued a refund in the amount of $935 to your MasterCard account, and will forward your resignation request to our member services department.

Kind regards,
Marcy Gregory
Resource Center
American College of Cardiology
2400 N St NW
Washington, DC 20037
202.375.6000 x5603

Now if more people would do this it would turn some heads!



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