Maternal death rate

npr While driving to work I listened to another interview on NPR about the rising maternal death rate in this country. The interviewer, Scott Simon, clearly had an idea that he was trying to push forward, that the increasing maternal death rate was due to the cuts made by the Texas legislature.

New statistics show that there has been a rise in the maternal death rate in this country. The rise in Texas has been the highest of any state. Six hundred mothers died in one year either while giving birth or shortly afterwards. Each one of those situations was likely a tragedy, but in Texas they have put together a study group to determine what is the cause of this and how to prevent this. This group has come out with some findings and a doctor was on the radio discussing the results.


Never mind that Texas actually put together a study to try to fix this problem, and never mind the actual results of the study, because we have an agenda here. Scott Simon posed the question as to why these mothers were dying and the doctor answered. The reality, it appears, is complicated. There are a large number of factors that contribute to maternal death. Underlying illness such as heart disease and diabetes, obesity, drug problems – particularly opiates, and late access to prenatal care.

But wasn’t this due to Texas’ cut in medical spending, Mr. Simon asked? No, it is really more complicated than that, the doctor responded. But didn’t the cuts in spending have anything to do with the increased maternal deaths? Mr. Simon persisted. Access to medical care of course has a part to play in this problem, the doctor conceded. Point made. Interview done.

What Mr. Simon did not report on was the actual findings of the study. These mothers are often on drugs, they are obese, and they do not go to the doctor. These are cultural problems, not problems with government spending. In fact, you could argue that government spending has made these cultural problems worse. Texas also has a huge problem because of the open borders situation. But no so for ‘progressives’.

animal-houseWhen, in Animal House, Dean Wormer said “Drunk, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life son” he was telling the truth, but of course in the movie he was made fun of, and in life the ‘progressives’ have made fun of traditional culture.

What were the findings of the study? These women were basically drunk, fat, and stupid. But we can’t say that because it might upset someone’s tender sensibilities. Instead we need to blame the problem on lack of government spending. Disgusting.

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