Dallas Shootings

This is Obama’s legacy. The sickness starts from the top. We need a leader and what we have instead is a vacant fop, A sinister figure who doesn’t even know what power he is playing with. I see the devil in that man and he is laughing at all of us now. He is delighted with all the carnage around him and revels in the pain of his people. He has been trying to pull the whole thing down and he is succeeding. Only sheep, ripe for the slaughter, would vote for Hillary now. This country hungers for a leader who can take us through a change.

These grievance politics do not do anyone any good. It is the measly whining that is promulgated by the left that has led us to this. We need to put a stop to all of this garbage. All of the political correctness and dancing around issues. Mamby-pamby pussyfooting is Obama’s style, and it is leading us into destruction.

Black lives matter? Get your ass out of that recliner and do some work! And don’t let some bureaucrat tell you that you are not doing things properly. This means getting rid of governmental intrusions into your lives. Rake down the barricades that prevent you from living your life the way you should! Permits, licenses, charters, concessions and any other obstacles need to be shed like a dead snakeskin.. We need to shake loose this crust that has formed over our society.

The United States of America is aging badly. We have allowed the Baby Boomers to pull us into their senescence. Our society is a languid hulk hurtling into destruction due to its sheer momentum. The cracks are starting to show. We need a new vision to get us out of this morass.

And that vision is what we were founded on. Freedom. Freedom from the shackles of burdensome government. Freedom from our old racial and bigoted ways. Freedom from the sins of our forefathers and a chance to start anew. Freedom.

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