Empty rhetoric


As the fallout of the most recent mass shooting continues I have to say that I was disappointed with the president’s response to the event. Once again he went into containment mode and set up straw man arguments instead of facing the truth.

The truth is that radical Islam is destructive. And I will take it further to say that Islam in general is destructive because Muslims have not had a reformation.

The bloody histories of the major religions basically boil down to the fact that some people want to tell other people how they should live. I am not interested in debating whether or not there is a god or which one is the right god in this discussion. Despite its bloody history, Christianity has undergone reformation, and, leaving aside fringe sects, the mainstream of the religion today –  whether Protestant or Catholic – can agree that the message of Jesus is that we should love and respect each other. The average Christian in the west can live peacefully because the laws of the state do not conflict with the rules set by the religion. Spreading the word in modern Christianity is a message of inclusion and welcoming, and as for unbelievers, we will pray for them, not kill them.

This is not the main message of Islam today. starandcrescentThere is no modernity in Islam. The problem is sharia. This is the religious law that supersedes human law. The average Muslim in the West is caught in a dilemma because their religious laws often conflict with the norms of society. These norms include women going to school and driving cars – dangerous things indeed.

So what is an average Muslim to do in the West? Succumb to the norms – send their daughters to school and let the infidels live the way they want? This is what many peace-loving and law-abiding Muslims do, but because Islam has not had a reformation they are being ‘bad Muslims’ by doing this.

No, a ‘good Muslim’, following sharia, would instead be trying to change the norms of the society that they live in. A good Muslim would be working to bring sharia law to the whole world. This is the stated goal of ISIS (or ISIL, as Obama stubbornly continues to call it).

So we in the modern western world have a choice. Do we want to agree to live under sharia law or do we insist that Islam reform itself to the modern world? Of course we must choose the side of reform, unless we want to throw away all of modern science and humanity. Unfortunately, this cannot be done from outside – it must come from Muslim leaders. They must stand up themselves and denounce the outdated and outmoded standards of the seventh century. There must be a full reformation in which the average Muslim living in the modern west can live in complete harmony with the human laws.

How likely is this to happen? Doubtful, given the power and ego that drives the Islamic hierarchy. We need a modern day equivalent of Jesus’ take down of the self-righteous rule-following Pharisees. But this will never happen with the current glad-handing attitude of “can we all get along?”

This is precisely why we have the rise of a man like Donald Trump, who for all his faults at least tries to speak his mind. He is hitting a nerve when he says that we need to figure out what is going on with Muslims, and despite the hysteria in the media it is not about race, it is about sharia.

What Obama does not get is that you can be right and still lose the argument. It is a frustrating position to be in, as I know from personal the_amateur2experience. It is not enough to be right with the facts. You have to be persuasive enough to sell your version of the world and events.

Obama came into office puffed up by the media as the great savior for our country, but he had an old school ideology that just does not work. Now after filling vast balloons with his rhetoric we find that his entire presidency is hollow and the promises – and threats – are empty.

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